Implementing Odoo Inventory for Distribution Companies in PH O2C


[00:10] Okay, so now we are going to map 'yong order to cash process. so we will start with a customer. so the customer request for a quote. either tumawag or by email. So, at first to support muna natin 'yong manual or phone inquiry because mayroon din CRM si Odoo na puwede mag capture ng mga request for quotation or mga opportunities but that's out of scope for this video so and gagawin natin ang start ng process natin is a, we will start with the quotation already but it's good to know that emails can also be integrated at a later time. Okay. Always, always we've noticed we want to simplify everything because everything else can follow just prioritize the core modules first, okay? 

[01:31] So this would be CRM and...

[01:59] okay so the next step is uh the sales rep will create a new record for the new customers and 'yong question can u do support it?

[02:12] So let me go to sales, makakagawa ba sila ng customer data? So the answer there is yes. Mayroon tayong customers na master data.  So yes sales is supported. So don't worry about the other stuff right now,  the other options we will go through that in detail later on but right now we just want a definite Yes or No. Supported o hindi to finish our task

[02:56] We're going to select test customer.  Okay and then ang next step, is 'yong sales rep natin can create a quote. So yes mayroon tayong quotation. So it's supported. Customer confirms order and sends Purchase Order so the help of  the system. Sales manager confirms order and hands over copy of purchase order to warehouse.  So mayroon again puwede mag confirm.  So here's the gap so let me just select a product.

[03:55] so even if I'm not a sales manager 'yong confirm button is available.  So I can click on that.  So this is supported with gap. Sales user can also confirm orders.

[04:30] okay so how did I know now na puwede'ng mag confirm? Well that's just from my experience but you can actually test it you can create additional accounts if you go to settings and users and if you create an additional user na makikita lang ay document niya, everything else is blank. So going back 'yon ang gap natin. So na co-confirm pa rin kahit na hindi Sales Manager. so going back, 'yon ang gap natin. Right, so nacoconfirm pa din kahit hindi sales manager.

[05:23] Okay, so next step, warehouse staff prepares the items for delivery. So, let's say I'll confirm this, and then a delivery is generated, so yes this one is Inventory supported. Warehouse manager prints and signs DR. So you can print a delivery slip, So, supported. Possible customizations for DR format, yan ang mga usually kino-customize. And then the customer receives the delivery, okay so that's out of the system.

[06:32] Billing staff sends invoice to customer by email, okay, so yeah. So, let me confirm the delivery muna. So yes there's an invoicing module that you can use. Okay,  so invoicing, supported.  Either they email inside Odoo kung i-se-set up 'yong mail server or you know, they can download the PDF. Customer settles payment, so that's a Yes again, you can register 'yong payment.

[07:40] okay so it's a yes sa invoicing, invoicing supported. Marerecord nation 'yong payment ng customer.  Billing staff issues collection receipts, out of system or puwedeng in the system, dependede sa gusto ng client, but that will be a customization.

[08:10] Okay, so we have mapped out 'yong Order to Cash process natin, And we just need to identify 'yong gaps right? So ang next step ng gap analysis natin is we need to go back and we will do a sample computation as to maybe how much the customizations would cost and once we have that then the stakeholders can decide if they wanna proceed with the customization or not. But again, if you remember the customizations will always be at the last part of the implementation. I-implement muna natin without it, but for budget purposes, we will indicate it here. 

Implementing Odoo Inventory for Distribution Companies in Philippines Scenario 2 and 3