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[00:11] Okay so now what we're going to do is uh we'll continue 'yong Gap Analysis natin and we will go back sa mga na note natin na kailangan natin na customization or development work Okay? So dito sa word find natin I'm going to insert 2 columns to the right okay,  and this one would be the man-hours for the customization and then, of course, the cost in peso.  Okay, so isa isahin natin, okay so 'yong purchase request form, so let's say kailangan ng client 'to, this is low priority kasi puwede naman 'to gawin outside the system. So, we will tag it after go-live and this would most likely take around I would say 8 man-hours to implement okay. 'yong AP Voucher this is, this will be high priority so,  this would go before go-live and I would say about 12 man-hours para magawa 'yong template. Sync before go-live. So about 12 hours as well. Okay so right now I'm filling it out because  I'm already experienced with, with this and so with 'yong mga business analysts natin they can, more or less say kung ilang hours mag te-take ang development. So you can always talk to us or to another partner or if you know an Odoo developer as to how long it would take to customize just be very careful and make sure that you are talking to someone who's knowledgeable in Odoo because a lot can go wrong with customizations.

 [03:09] okay so same, so this one hindi na natin kailangan fill upan kasi naayos na kanina yan same  dito sa dalawa na'to. Okay same.

[03:37] So sa Ordered to Cash Process natin.

[03:51] So 'yong CRM hindi muna, i- deffer natin 'yan, this one would take around I would say 6 hours to fix. Okay, the reason that I'm putting in, would probably take you know the developer 1 or 2 hours but the reason its 6 is because you'll have someone tested by,  you'll have someone deploy it to the server okay, or have it test with you and that's why you need to factor maybe 3 times the actual development hours. Hindi siya ganoon kadali na developer lang de-develop 'tas i-test so there' a whole process behind that. That would also include 'yong mga documentation or 'yong roll back just incase na nagkaroon issue 'yong development. Kailangan ma i-roll back mo doon sa previous versions so yeah, So DR, I would say 12 hours for this,  okay.

[05:25] On average a good developer or a good partner who know what you're doing, bills around $80 to $100 an hour so I'll just compute this at 8 hours at $100 at Php 5,000 we have an idea already of how much we need to spend in development and customizations.

[06:07] So, you can see that's why sinasabi ko to limit the customizations because it can get expensive, right? So this is already Php 90,000 plus more likely about Php 250, 000 for the customization lang, right and once the, you look into it, there's a lot you can do with that. So, if this is outside the budget you can think about maybe, we can use the DR format already out of the box and save this amount let's not do customizations for that or same with this.

[07:24] Since mayroon namang audit trail maybe we can you know, we can just use the audit trail dahil ma-che- check naman kung sino nag confirm 'non, of course, another option that we have is the App store. Odoo app store like for instance 'yong approval, so I'm going to search for apps store.

[08:07] So, instead of paying, okay this one, it will limit the approval I think. It's $81 instead of having a developer do it from scratch then we can just buy this App. Right? Instead of paying Php 30,000 you're just paying about Php 5,000. You know there are work around that we can use to lessen the bill, that would just be dependent on how knowledgeable you are when it comes to Odoo.

[08:58] Like this one the AP Voucher, so since Odoo doesn't have, Odoo community doesn't have accounting you can always download the accounting app for version 14. So yeah, there you go. Odoo 14 accounting which is free. Okay, So now that we have our Gap we can the management already like, you'll probably spend maybe three to four months implementing this. In a small or medium-size company so you already have your cost whatever your salary is, plus the hours that the stakeholders need to spend in the system there's also a cost for that and of course the management needs to prepare at least Php 200,000  in customization fees. We're not saying that you know, you will reach that 200,000 for customization but its nice to have that budget available may heads up na 'yong management just incase you need it.

[10:52] Okay, so, Next one so were done with fit-gap analysis. What's left here is, if there's a change in process already after you've talk about the customizations. Then you need to define the what we call the to be process. okay. and in our scenario wala naman, maybe ang magiging to be process lang natin is lets say 'yong AP voucher, instead of that being printed out of Odoo it can be printed out an excel template. So, ang to be process would be everything in Odoo and then when we come to this step its done in excel.

[11:45] Up next we now do the actual Odoo configuration to make sure that these steps can be done in Odoo. And this will be done hand in hand ideally with the stakeholders. So you will show them, first of all we will need to configure Odoo, and second is a, we will show the stakeholders the process and once they're okay with that, that's the time that we will load the master data.

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