Implementing Odoo Inventory for Distribution Companies in Philippines Scenario 2 and 3


[00:14] Okay, so moving forward, we will now go to scenario 2. Okay, so,  sa scenario 2 ang pinag kaiba lang magcre-create ng bagong SKU and then magre-request for stock. So, everything else we've already mapped and we know it's already working so this part we can just copy and paste it. By the way, 'yong sa check AP voucher, okay an additional in quote available sa accounting,  we forgot to add that in last time. Okay, so that only means that itong part na 'to is available if we install the Accounting Application.

[01:18] So, sa Odoo community walang impact yan but sa enterprise edition meron, so 'yong mga ganoong parts, we will have to inform the client. Okay, so depending on what you're implementing kung naka enterprise edition kayo that means meron impact sa budget, if you want 'yong AP voucher with a journal entry.

[01:46] Okay, moving forward to scenario 3, so this time instead ng product 'yong binibili, service 'yong binibili. So, instead na physical item, service. And that's why walang part and warehouse dito, kasi wala silang ire-receive pag dating sa service. So, I think nag-start, this is the only question we have, everything else should be the same, I think.

[02:26] Okay, so well, we know that this is, I mean Odoo is capable of handling this kasi if you're not yet familiar with Odoo if you go to products. Okay, so this can be a little bit confusing, in Odoo both products and services are considered products. There's this option na product type, so we have three options, storable, consumable, or service. Okay, storable basically these are your inventory items. Consumable, these are physical items as well pero you don't keep track of it, you just assume that it's available, bond paper, and I was about to say "pako" sa construction but in other offices ang "pako" is consumable but in construction, that's a storable item.

[03:32] Anyway, the last one is Service. So, we switched to service, you can see may mga options na nawawala sa taas. So we know that we are able to do this, so this is supported. So, yes this is supported, this is in Sales Module or Purchase Module this is available. This is supported. So, this part we'll just copy and paste, so we know that it's already supported. 

[04:48] So I'll just copy and edit this. So, this one is supported, which is also in the Purchase Module, and everything else is supported.

[05:40] Okay, up next we are going to map the Order to Cash process.


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