Product Variant Odoo Tips & Tricks


00:20 Okay, so in this video, We will answer the question, There was a question says: 

"Hello, Rein! we sell Polvoron which is a sweet Filipino snack with different flavors, Chocolate, plain, purple yam and sizes-small, medium and large and how do we load this on Odoo?" 

00:44 Okay, so the answer there is a, well first, no one's stopping you from just loading each one as its own SKU right, so you load it like like so. 


01:07  Chocolate, Polvoron, Large. Make sure you've set the product type to storable product and whatever the product category is. so you can do it that way, okay, but Odoo provided a good alternative for setting these items up which is called Product Variants okay. 


01:41 So I'm going to save it.  Enable it, and save it.  So we can also click on the documentation if you want to read more about it.  


02:03 But to give you a quick demo when we've enabled this you'll notice that there's this new option available here which is Product Variants but what I'm going to do is, I'm going to create a new product says Polvoron which is of type storable and in the inventory... Sorry, the Variants  tab I'm going to create another for you named flavor, 

02:45 And the flavor has chocolate, plain, and what was the other one? Chocolate, plain,  purple yam. Okay, now we have size,  small, medium, and large which is small,  medium, and large okay. 


03:29 So what will happen is once we save this, Odoo will generate the different variants for you automatically so as you can see there were nine variants generated for us and if I click on those you will see the different variants available to us. So Odoo, What Odoo did is combine everything like the sizes and the flavors together.  okay. 


04:03  okay so whatever is the sales price here so if we're selling this for Php 100 and save it all the variants would have the same sales price, okay, and if we look at the variants, okay the sales price are all 100 but of course, in reality, bigger sizes would have a slightly higher price right? 

04:35 So let's say that medium-size this is Php 10 more expensive than the small one and large is Php 50 more expensive okay.  

04:58 So one way we can do that we can just click on Configure Variants and if it's medium did they say Php 10?  So let's say Php 20 higher and if it's large then it's Php 50 higher okay 


05:29 So now if we look at the variants we have the different sales prices depending on the size so all, all the small variants are at Php 100 , the medium variants a Php 120 and the large variants is Php 150.  


05:55  You can also look at the different variants here by going to products and product variants and you'll have, you can probably group it by name so all the Polvorons are here and you can see all the different,  different variants for that particular item and you can click and open one and add different properties to this particular variant right, so if this SKU has a different barcode you can uh put that here if um if you have a different stock code or internal reference for the item then you can encode that here you.


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